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Your seeds of remembrance are coming to the surface. The winds of change have called them forward to listen. To return. To awaken to tomorrow's future possibilities. In the ocean is a vast host of crystals. This crystalline energy reverberates through the water creating frequency. Your bodies sense this and feel it. You transmit this to other spaces, dimensions, and planets. These frequencies are of a divine nature holding the keys of many elements that have never been available on earth. Its unraveling causes war to cease. The heart to be the center. The wisdom of a new earth to emerge. This is the blessing of an exciting time in the universe and there is much celebration. While the movement feels slow, its unfolding is steady and each movement forward ripples through all things. It is in every molecule. In every moment. There is remembrance of our elegant design and a return to our original nature. There is lightness returning to the planet. A turning point. A way.

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