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Katharine Daniels

Katharine enjoys working with clients from all paths of life. She has a gift of being able to meet people wherever they are on their path and nurture their ability to heal and create balance. She is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator, Access Facelift™ Facilitator, Access Consciousness® Body Process Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, Oneness Deeksha Practitioner, Golden Orb Meditator, Art of Channeling Certified Practitioner and Ohio Wedding Officiant. Katharine is experienced in working with clients facing addictions, PTSD, money and wealth blockages, and those seeking personal growth. She enjoys traveling, hiking and camping with her husband and children. She can often be found in the company of the greatest Zen Masters on earth, her cats.


Picture of Katharine Daniels
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