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Illusion, Connection & Expansion

Realization of Interplanetary connection. There is oneness interwoven throughout the galaxy. In all dimensions and spaces. You are the fabric of the energy that exists as Earth. The plants and animals are connected, evolve, adapt, and thrive. What is available within this grid for the humans? Where can we tap in to nurture growth? There are many places where you co-exist within yourself within other dimensions and universes. You are not singular, but many. The single point that you think you are is but an illusion and you have been programed this way on Earth. You are multi-faceted. Time is an illusion and there is simply many spaces you infinitely occupy and create from. Each is interwoven, as if connected by a thread and as one pulls the other is pulled too. Ask for contribution from the other aspects of you within these other places. Ask for them to add to your evolution and grander expansions. Connect to that and you will be in the highest of frequencies on your planet. From there move mountains my friend. In the greatest of light. Expand.

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