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Creation and Your Being

You are here at this space of your time to reveal your inner nature. To be a bridge of truth and difference. Just breathe. That is the lightness of you. The opening point of possibilities and the magic of you. There are times when you look so much into the building blocks of "I must do this to get to there." We invite you to look at, and we offer you another way. What if there was no climb? Meaning what if one step did not build upon the other... your A+B does not equal C (the end result)? What if you could just choose C with your being and have it instantaneously? It is through your thinking that you cut off this possibility. Just breath. That is the lightness of you and walk through the world with this lightness, this magical you. All of the ethers will bend to meet you and you will collide into a future you never believed was possible.

A woman sitting with eyes closed

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