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Bright Life Journals on Amazon

Clarity& Creation Journal

Get clear on what you desire to create and where you are stopping you. This journal invites you to play with your asks to create the life you desire. Use it at pivotal times or as a yearly exercise to get clear and anchor your targets. Keep choosing to ask, know, and receive!

Gratitude Journal

I wonder what 40 days of gratitude would gift your life? In this gratitude journal each day is outlined with a series of questions to begin your flow of gratitude. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and let's acknowledge the miraculous each day. I wonder what it will create when you begin to play in this space of gratitude?

Question Everything Journal

Use this journal to invite the power of question into your creations. This journal will guide you to explore the spaces where you are in conclusion and invite a different possibility. What would it create to come out of conclusion and question everything? No answers required. What if there is a space where we can open the door to all that is possible with question?

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