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Being Present

A warm wave of connection. A soft gentle touch. The smell of rain. Your birds singing frequencies of joy. Your planet has an assortment of fragments of the comfort that can be found in the I AM. But there is density and a heavyness that creates a vast feeling of separation from having this as a reality all the time. You shut it down. Close it off. While it is sitting next to you available at all times, you have shut the door and deemed yourself alone. Know that is so far from the truth of who you BE. Your consciousness whispers and beckons you to return to the source light frequencies of divine nature within you. To include yourself in this, and not creating you as an outsider. Your inner compass shows you the material and the substance of that which you may use to grasp footing into the vast space of Source. In each footstep feel the touch of the earth on your skin, each muscle and organ in reaction and flow, your energy centers breathe, the molecules turn, you are in time and no time, there is awareness , and movement. All of that and more is in one step. With the density you experience, you have a great opportunity to sense and feel each movement and moment as you shift through it. There is great intensity. So much is happening from our perspective in each moment, yet to you it is as if there is nothing happening. Explore the tiny movements, acknowledge all that they entail. See all that which moves through you.

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