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Fields of the future

Each flower has a group of petals which open and close. Hold rain and sun. Each petal is separate, yet without each one the flower would cease to be a flower.

Your piece is important. While it is true that a flower can lose a few petals and still be a flower, if enough don't chose to contribute, the flower will cease. Your petal is important. Your petal contributes to the flower being something greater.

Breathe life into the flower today. For without the flower, the petal loses it's purpose and falls to the ground to diminish. It is gifting and receiving. Collective and singular. Choice and contribution.

When many collectives chose to flow, create, gift, receive and shine, there are spaces where fields of flowers can be seen. There is softness, beauty, and elegance.

There are also cycles in this. Be aware of the cycles versus the petal falling to diminish. Which are you in today, a cycle or diminishment? Acknowledge what is being created, what you are choosing to create, and what is possible for the future with your collective. I wonder what beautiful fields of the future we can create?

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Mar 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great visual and question. Thank you!

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