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What can you tell me about frequencies?

Frequencies are vessels of communication. Each sound has a wavelength and your cells respond and move to this as they are woven with fluidity. Your nervous system also has a response of magnitude. Sound waves can illuminate urgency and fear and also relaxation and healing. What we would invite you to explore today is your receptors of communication. Meaning, you may hear many frequencies in your environment that don't hold placidity... such as if you are a person in a war. However, you can find stillness and choose your frequency your body is tuned into simply by using your intention and being irreverent in locking in that frequency. Similarly, if one is walking in a peaceful wooded area and the birds are contributing a pleasant sound and the wind is softly rustling through... one can still be in a space of choosing a frequency of discord. You are not at the effect of of your environment. Despite what you are presented with, you have the choice in what frequency your being is choosing. Tune in to what serves you and leave the rest. What frequencies would contribute to your being today?

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Oct 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very timely!

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