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New spaces

A new reality exists before you.

A new dawning of an awakening time. Perceive the boundless emergence of creative spaces, unlimited possibilities, jumping timelines, no time, frequency metamorphosis, and beyond the matrix opportunities. There is no set point, and certainly no destination. This is just a sensing of what is in the energies in the mix of the upcoming year. It can sometimes feel like stepping off a cliff into the unknown, but in that same space, it can also be a remembering of something so familiar and "known." Navigating this new space is one that may require practice. Sometimes, it feels as if one is "freaking out", rapid heart rate, time moving quickly, uncomfortable. In these spaces, there is also the possibility of learning a new way to navigate that which you are collectively stepping into. We say collectively, but please note there are some of you who are "line leaders." Breathe and be aware, know what is the truth of you, perceive the new world and the old as you bridge the space and also act as a line leader for others to make their way to this new space. So much is now possible, and it is in these upcoming times of joyous excitement that we are breaking free from the limits of "once was" and expanding into greater amazement and wonder. You are that which is and also all that we are. A joyous journey and expansion are available. Tune into that and be in it!

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