I am so excited to share this vision with you. I know that when we gather and put energy forth towards a common vision we can create massive change in the world. Will you join me in supporting my vision for Bright Life Retreat Center?

My vision for Bright Life Retreat Center came about a few years ago in a meditation. I saw a central gathering place, a kitchen space, and small cabins in the woods. I could see people being fed spiritually, their bodies nourished with organic foods, connecting to the earth again.

I spent some time in Hocking Hills, a beautiful area in southern Ohio with abundant hiking trails, and really grew to appreciate the energy there and the way the land contributed to me. I knew this was where I wanted to begin a retreat center. I know that now is the time for this project to emerge.

With your contribution we will purchase the land to host the retreat center. With my partners expertise in building and construction, we will be building a kitchen, classroom area, as well as bathrooms and cabin areas.

When you stay at Bright Life Retreat Center you can expect to enter a space where you can commune with nature, enjoy fresh organic foods from our on-site garden, explore nearby hiking trails, and immerse yourself in one of our many courses and classes offered throughout the year. Spend your evenings by a campfire,stargazing, or in quiet contemplation reading your next favorite book in your cabin.

While generating this idea, we have found that while the general idea is a retreat center, the word "retreat" felt like one is running away. We would prefer to convey the idea of the space as a healing space, yet give the project more power and connection with the earth there. We want to embody the energy of one becoming empowered with the power of nature, being nurtured, and thriving in life. We would love to hear any ideas you have on naming the space. We are very grateful for any contribution to this project and know with people like you backing us we can truly move mountains.

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