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Let your soul light the way

Plant your feet into the earth. Connect to the immense power here, the connection here, the consciousness here, the bliss, and the magic. Flow it upwards into your body to make a warm space in your heart for this to thrive. Open and expand that out. Breathe and release the energy you are holding that is making you heavy. Be more space. The body dissolves, yet it is still a vessel of treasure. You are everywhere. From this space there is nothing that is blocking you infinite beauty, infinite gratitude, infinite love, infinite you. Collect (like a magnet) the energies of contribution here. They permeate your soul. They fill your cells. There is warmth and healing in all the homes of wrongness you have created. Your path is lit. The guides are flowing energies into the paths of least resistance towards your desires. It is in you to follow that energy of fun and lightness, floating on a puff of ease in a river of joy if you choose. Relax. Relax more. Tell the wisps of YOU to know the way and be guided.

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Mar 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So many things. I read this a few times and each time more intensity. I understand the layers in the messages now.

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