Image by Chase Fade

March 14th 10am to 12pm

How different are you willing to be?

~ An Access Consciousness mini class~

March 14th 10am to 12pm Online 

How much energy does it require for you to be make sure you are seen like everyone else? 

What if you uncovered your unique capacities and showed up as YOU?


Topics in this Access Conscious Mini class include:

  • What is normal?

  • Uncovering your unique abilities

  • Judgement and Receiving

  • Happiness


We will also play with energy using tools and clearings from Access Consciousness.

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February 7th 10am to 12pm

Relationship-What if different possibilities were available?

~An Access Consciousness Mini Class~

February 7th  10am to 12pm Online

What would it take to have the relationship you desire?

Topics include:

  • Playing with tools and clearings from Access Consciousness.

  • Points of view on relationship

  • How to change repeating patterns

  • Contribution

  • Limitation

  • Acceptance

  • Money and relationship

  • Honoring you

  • Creating the life you desire